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Apply for a job at Alpha!

Please sent your resume to our email:


List of coaches we are looking for:

  1. Mens Team coach/director -Has 4-8 years of experience or competed as a high level J.O. Men's program.  Is knowledgeable about the development of the men's apparatus and the men's code of points.  Good communicator with boys and parents.  Good leadership skills, can work well in a team. 
  2. Xcel Team coach/director -Has advance competitive team experience (Level 8-10), beam and floor choreography experience, understands how to clean a floor and beam routine, able to coach bars and vault,  knowledgeable of the Xcel rules and competitive divisions, has 2-4 years of experience.  
  3. Girls/Boys recreational classes coach - competitive men’s or women’s gymnastics experience, loves to work with children, movement education experience, understands how to breakdown skills, communicates well with children and parents.  
  4. Preschool coach -experience with gymnastics, movement education, loves small children, can breakdown skills into basic parts, like to be silly, communicates well with small children, understands childhood development.
  5. Ninja coach - experience with parkour, free running, and gymnastics, like’s obstacles, high energy, loves challenges, and fitness. 

(Updated 06-01)