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Women’s Head Team Coach


Alpha Gymnastics
Alpha Gymnastics is a gymnastics school that teaches students of all levels from 12 months to adults. Other programs include tramp and tumbling, ninja, and parkour. Our team programs include USA-Gymnastics Men’s and Women’s, and Xcel. 

Alpha Gymnastics has been a school since 1995 and over the years the name has changed with different ownership. Alpha has resided in the current location since 2009. Our teams have competed on the local, regional, and national levels in both women’s and men’s competition.

Our Women’s head coach would direct the direction of the program and be responsible for growth, development, and competitive success through managing coaches, training, and team programs. 

Currently we have developmental (J.O.) programs and teams in levels 2-7 ages 5-12.  We are looking for a candidate who wants the challenge of taking a noticeably young well coached teams to the next levels of competition.  During COVID-19 we focused on building our base of young gymnasts and are growing.

The ideal coach is crazy about gymnastics and working with kids! Loves to be in the gym.  Having a strong background on bars and vault is a must, and believes in shaping and conditioning, and is familiar with the TOPS and Hopes program, and have spotting skills.  Loves competition and good gymnastics performances.  Is willing to collaborate with other coaches and share ideas.



  • Easily communicates with gymnasts and parents.
  • Gymnasts excel in competition.
  • Guides the program to continually build and has the vision to continue to keep a strong developmental base.
  • Willing to think out of the box.
  • Coordinates with other programs in the gym.
  • Encourages all aspects of training both emotional (mental) and physical (strength & flexibility), and skill through routine development.
  • Can retain and progress gymnasts.
  • Excited to build a program.
  • Always willing to learn new techniques.
  • Always setting a good example of behavior and know that they will be a role model of their students.



1. Preparation

  • Arrives with workout planned and coaches are aware of expectations.
  • Leads regular team staff meetings.
  • Plans periodization, workout, and conditioning schedules.
  • Attend leadership meetings to coordinate with other programs.
  • Keeps records of gymnast’s progress and keeps parents informed of progress, needs, or troubles.
  • Develops competitive schedule and coordinates with office to budget.

2. Coaching

  • Positive and firm coaching with clear expectations.
  • Recognizes students have different learning styles.
  • Communicating with parents about their child’s progress.
  • Keeping records to chart progress and performance.
  • Always recognizes the strength and limitations of the gymnast’s physical abilities.
  • Goal oriented

Additional Responsibilities

  • Setting up and cleaning up circuits and teaching tools.
  • Maintain roll each day.
  • If absent for illness, camps, or competition making sure those not attending have subs and are taken care of.
  • Attend staff meetings and coaching development classes and seek new certifications.
  • Remain current on safety and new techniques and teaching pedagogy.
  • Dress professionally
  • Participating in gym events and end of the year banquets and team membership building.
  • As team grows looks for new coaches to add to staff.


  • On time and prepared for class each day.
  • Evaluates and progresses students.
  • Maintains team membership and the teams continued growth.
  • Communicates well with students, parents, and co-workers.
  • Strong desire for students to do well in competition and advance to Regional and National Championships.
  • Willing to help where needed and educate gym staff.
  • Participating in ongoing education, camps, and seminars, and congress.


Here’s the kind of person we’re looking for to fill this role:

  • You are passionate about gymnastics and competition.
  • Love working with gymnasts of all ages.
  • Has at least 5-10 years of coaching experience.
  • Has expertise on uneven bars and vault technique.
  • Knowledgeable of USAG Rules and Policies, code of points, routine construction on bars.
  • Is a self-starter and motivated and can say “I get to go to the gym today!”
  • You are not late to meetings or to class.
  • You understand that you represent the gym, our program, and your students. You are a role model.
  • You are a natural and committed learner with the ability to be independent and self-sufficient and willing to learn from others.
  • You are resourceful. Ask questions and want to learn more and seek out information. Always looking for better and new ways to improve
  • You have a strong work ethic and a “how can I reach this child to help them learn?” attitude and are willing to ask for suggestions or help.
  • You are a team player who focuses on the success of the entire organization.
  • You are as excited as the gymnasts when they master a new skill.
  • You have an attitude of consistently bettering yourself.
  • You can provide great references.


  • This is a full-time position and a 40 hr. a week position.  As a WAG head coach, you determine the number of hours each group trains and the number of days.
  • Extra income at the gym
    • Meet compensation package.
    • Private lessons-you determine your rate.
    • Organizing and directing camps