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Pre-School Gymnastics Coach


Alpha Gymnastics
Alpha Gymnastics is a gymnastics school that teaches students of all levels from 12 months to adults. Other programs include tramp and tumbling, ninja, and parkour.

Alpha Gymnastics has been a school since 1995 and over the years the name has changed with different ownership. Alpha has resided in the current location since 2009.

We believe preschool gymnastics is a great developmental experience for the growing toddler and preschooler.  Participation develops large muscle groups, motor development, and cognitive and pre reading skills. 

The preschool coach position works with the toddler and parent and the developing preschooler.  Classes are taught in the mornings and early evenings and on Saturdays.

Teaches classes for ages 14 months to 5 years. 

The ideal coach loves to work with the youngest gymnasts, is enthusiastic, can think on their feet, communicates well with parents, is ready for the unexpected, and is able to change a plan to meet the needs of a class as their moods change.


  • Easily communicates with the young students.
  • ​Likes to play and entertain children.
  • ​Can break down basic skills into parts and be creative in building circuits.
  • Willing to get on your knees to teach.
  • ​Is firm but patient and can teach class behavior skills as well as gymnastics.


1. Preparation

  • Arriving early to set class up and prepared to start class on time.
  • ​Knowing your class and developing a lesson plan that works for the individual needs from focus skills.

2. Coaching

  • Breaking down movement and skills into basic parts.
  • ​Communicating with parents the dos and don’ts of working with their children.
  • Always teaching safe practices and rules.
  • Directing class around the gym in a safe manner and following the rotations schedule.
  • At the end of class cleaning up stations and putting them away.

3. Additional Responsibilities

  • Setting up and cleaning up circuits and teaching tools.
  • ​Maintain roll each day and keeping skills list checked off and current as the students’ progress.
  • ​If absent let lead supervisor know ahead of time and make sure you find a sub and get approval.
  • Attend staff meetings and coaching development classes.
  • Remain current on safety and new techniques and teaching pedagogy.


  • On time and prepared for class each day.
  • ​Evaluates and progresses students in learning movement objectives and new skills.
  • Maintains class enrollment and student retention.
  • ​Communicates well with students, parents, and co-workers.
  • ​Strong desire for students to learn and progress and move to the next level.


Here’s the kind of person we’re looking for to fill this role:

  • You are passionate about gymnastics and love to be in the gym.
  • ​Love working with kids and can be silly and laugh at yourself.
  • ​Experience working with young children and understands child development.
  • ​Movement education experience is awesome but not necessary.
  • Is a self-starter and motivated and can say “I get to go to the gym today!”
  • ​You are not late to meetings or to class.
  • ​You understand that you represent the gym our program and your students. You are a role model.
  • ​You are a natural and committed learner with the ability to be independent and self-sufficient and willing to learn from others.
  • ​You are resourceful. Ask questions and want to learn more and seek out information. Always looking for better and new ways to teach and get a child motivated to learn.
  • ​You have a strong work ethic and a “how can I reach this child to help them learn?” attitude.
  • ​You are a team player who focuses on the success of the entire organization.
  • ​You are organized and can keep the attention of wondering minds.
  • ​You relish watching students learn a new skill or the look of discovery for the first time.
  • ​You have an attitude of consistently bettering yourself.
  • ​You can provide great references.


  • Preschool classes are taught in the mornings Tuesday-Friday, in the late afternoon and early evenings Monday-Friday, and Saturday mornings.
  • ​Other hours are available through events such as Birthday Parties, Parent’s Night Out, Private Lessons, and camps.