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Ryan Press

Experience:  I began gymnastics when I was in the 9. I trained for 12 years in both JO programs and public school programs.  While in high school I began coaching our boy's program for 3 years.  I have loved every aspect of the sport, you can learn a lot whether it be improving one's strength to learning how to organize and work in groups. My coach helped me be the best person I could be and never held me back from reaching for the stars. He always encourages and pushes children just like I do to always better themselves and not just in the gym but in life.

Favorite Activity: Photography and  Art.

Favorite Skill or Event:  Floor is my favorite event, I loved to defy gravity and soar threw the air! I have learned if you can do Floor you can do any event in the gym!

Favorite Food: Chocolate Chip Cookies and Steak.

Advice for Students: Have fun! Put in the time and effort and the fruits of your labor will be sweet! Never cut corners it will get you nowhere!