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Pre-Competitive Girls

To be placed in one of our Pre-Competitive Classes, your child must be evaluated by our coaching staff. 

Rainbow Pink

Rainbow Pink is for the youngest gymnast and is for little girls who have advanced physical development for their age. All participants must be toilet trained and if they cannot use the washroom by themselves we ask the parent to not leave during class.  The curriculum includes:

  • Social Behaviors: taking turns, learning to make lines, rotating through a circuit, listening skills, following instructions
  • Large muscle and motor skill development and
  • Basic shapes for skill development
  • Basic Dance skills
  • Strength and flexibility development that is age appropriate

Rainbow Purple

Rainbow purple is for those preschool girls who are advanced and ready to move and learn at an accelerated pace. Along with continuing to learn good class social behaviors students at this age begin to learn skills on all the gymnastics apparatus as well as trampoline. Curriculum includes:

  • Social Behaviors
  • Large muscle and motor skill development
  • Basic dance skills and exercises
  • Strength, flexibility, and shaping
  • Skill development on each gymnastics apparatus
  • Develop basic strength and balance skills

Rainbow Blue

Rainbow Blue is an advanced class that is for those girls who have already mastered basic skills and strength on each event.  Girls should already be able to kick to handstand, do a backward roll, pull over and cast on the bar, and show good posture in balance positions on beam.  The length of this class may not be appropriate for some little girls. Curriculum includes:


  • Strength, Flexibility, and shaping
  • Simple dance complexes and skills
  • Skill development on each event
  • TOPs physical ability skills


Those girls who are physically and mentally ready may move to level 2 team from this program.  If they can not handle the training hours they may move to the Rainbow Gold class

Pre-Competitive Boys

To be placed in one of our Pre-Competitive Classes, your child must be evaluated by our coaching staff. 

Boy's Pre-Team

Men's Gymnastics is a great builder of strength, agility, and mental focus.  The pre-team boys program begins to develop the qualities and physical abilities needed for men's competitive gymnastics.  Boys work on developing basic shapes and strength for all of the men's events; Floor, pommels, rings, vault, parallel bars, and horizontal bar.

In addition to learning fundamentals and shapes for each event a great deal of emphases is stressed on strength, developing flexibility and responsibility.