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Natalia Zabroda

Experience:  I have a Master's Degree from Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture in Coaching Gymnastics.  I worked as a head coach for 15 years in Moscow.   When my husband and I moved to the United States, I started work at Alpha Gymnastics as a gymnastics preschool and team coach.

Favorite Activity:  Art,  books, music.

Favorite Skill or Event:  My favorite event is the floor.  Using acrobatic and gymnastics elements shows all the beauty of this sport!
My favorite skill is the handstand.  It is most important skill in Gymnastics. Once you've mastered it,  you will feel more comfortable in learning other skills that require strong balance and control.

Favorite Food: Russian Kitchen.

Advice for students: Strive for the impossible - you will reach the maximum.   - Mao Zedong