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Girls Recreational Gymnastics

Girls Beginner

The girls basic class is for the novice beginner who has no gymnastics experience.  Students will learn body positions, shapes, safety skills, and develop strength and coordination to develop a solid foundation to progress.  Coaches will use skill building equipment and circuits on each event to progress in a positive environment.

Girls Advanced Beginner

This class is for those girls who have some gymnastics experience and have already mastered basic skills on each of the 4 women's events, vault, bars, beam, and floor. Students will also learn how to combine simple skills and combinations to put together in a sequence. Class curriculum also includes instruction on trampoline and tumble track. 

Girls Intermediate

Girls registering in Adv Beginner Class should have mastered the level 1 skills on each gymnastics apparatus.  The curriculum builds strength and shapes to perform beginning flight elements on floor and using circling skills on bars. 

This class is one hour in length and may be taken once a week however it is recommended for the best results to take at least two times a week.

Example of beginning tumbling flight skill: Round-off, front handspring; Circling skill: stride circle, sole circle

Girls Advanced Intermediate

Those girls enrolling in intermediate classes should have mastered the level 1 skills.  In the curriculum, girls will begin to learn round-offs and do bridge work on floor, circling  skills on bars, and more complex balance on the beam.  At each level there is always emphasis on increased strength and flexibility.

Although not required it is advised for girls to take two classes per week for better mastery of skills.  This class is 1:15 in length.