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Giancarlo Mora

Hi, I am Giancarlo, and I have been working in all aspects of gymnastics since 2001. 

I was born in Portoviejo, Ecuador, but grew up in Hannover, Germany. I was selected to be an elite gymnast at an early age and trained intensively at the Olympic Center. With degrees in Men’s Gymnastics coaching and international instruction, my professional coaching career has allowed me to travel and work in various countries in Europe, Asia, and all of the Americas. 

For more than 20 years now, I have been working as an elite gymnastics coach.

Favorite Skills or Event:
Every event is so beautiful in its unique way, and within them, those skills that take off from the apparatus take gymnastics to a completely new level of emotions. High Bar holds the record for the longest time in the air with its releases and dismounts. Amazing!

Favorite Activity:
l love exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my family when I am not involved in gymnastics. I also enjoy reading about gymnastics, watching gymnastics competitions, making gymnastics-themed art, and cooking. 

Favorite Food:
Rinderrouladen which is a dish of filled rolled meat baked in its own juices. Mmh

Advice for Students:
“The way you do anything is the way you do everything”