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COVID-19 Response

Alpha Gymnastics COVID 19 Response

Alpha Gymnastics has always taken great pride in the cleanliness of the gym.  Procedures and a cleaning schedule for each part of the gym had already been established and practiced before COVID 19.  We have added additional methods to mitigate infection and increase our facility’s sterilization to keep students, parents, and staff as safe as possible.


Our facility’s forward area, including the office, bathroom, and mezzanine (viewing area), is maintained, cleaned, and sanitized throughout the day.  We mop all the floors, wipe down the walls, sanitize the railings, and disinfect surfaces.

The cubby and lockers, and drinking fountains are currently closed for safety.  During regular operations, we sanitized drinking fountains several times a day.

We sanitize the bathrooms, including the walls, floors, toilets, sinks, and mirrors.  The receptacles are wiped down and cleaned, then sprayed with disinfectant.  Each bathroom has hands free devices for soap and paper towel dispensers.  We sanitize the diaper changing table. Liners are available, and we recommended them when using the changing table for your little ones. 

Bathroom Use

Currently, the bathrooms may only be used for washing hands and going to the bathroom.  No changing of attire is allowed. Please come dressed and prepared for the gym.  In the women’s restroom, we permit only three at a time and two at a time in the men’s restroom.  A toddler and the parent will count as one individual.  Medals are hanging outside of the bathrooms, and when someone enters, they take a medal.  If there are no medals available, please wait for someone to come out.  The medals are cleaned and disinfected during the day. Hand towels are available to pick up the medals.

Mezzanine and Viewing Areas

We have marked the viewing area for social distance, and only 13 will be allowed to view at a time.  Please only sit in the chairs free of caution tape, and we permit only one person per table.  All tables and chairs are cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected each day, and we vacuum the carpet daily.  We ask that siblings not be brought to the gym and only one parent per family under the current rules.

Office & Half-Wall Area

Throughout the office and the half-wall, bright green marks on the floors indicate the 6-foot distance.  Please use the marks on the floor to maintain social distance while entering and exiting.  Parents should not stand to visit in this area.  Keeping this area clear is essential for social distance and allows participants to use the bathroom without contact.

In the office, we have installed sneeze shields to protect those who work at the desk.  We request that everyone who enters the gym use hand sanitizer.  There are four hand sanitizer stations with directions. Additionally, an air scrubber was added to the office to help maintain clean air. It is located to the left of the black table as you enter.

There are signs when entering the facility and posted on the wall for general information about COVID 19, the symptoms of COVID, and directions for handwashing and the use of sanitizer.  Signs printed in both English and Russian.  If you are ill or have been exposed to anyone with symptoms, please do not come to the gym.


Each person who enters the facility must have their temperature taken and be cleared to enter.  We will ask anyone with a temperature of 100° F or 37.2 C to go home.


As you enter the facility and before participating in class, a waiver must be signed.  The waiver is available on our website, or you may sign as you enter.  Please remember this must be done each time you enter the gym. Pens are in cups, and one is marked new, and the other is used.  When you use a pen, please put it in the used cup.

For your safety and convenience, alcohol wipes have been placed by the front desk computer and vending machine so that you may wipe surfaces before touching.  These are cleaned daily, but it is challenging to do this between each use, so we provide alcohol prep pads.

Cubby Area

The cubbies are open at this time. Shoes and personal items should be kept in the cubbies during class.

What to bring?

  • Backpack or cinch sack for all personal items. We will provide a plastic bag for recreational students who forget to bring something to put belongings. Please do not leave shoes by the half wall; they should be in the bag.  All personal items must be stored and taken with participants or left with parents.
  • Water bottle filled and labeled with a name and must be kept in a backpack or cinch sack. If you forget, water bottles are available for purchase at the front desk or in the vending machine.  Eight-ounce bottles may be purchased for 20 cents.
  • Items may not be shared between students
  • Personal wipes and hand sanitizer
  • If needed, the vending machine is available—only one student at the vending machines to purchase an item unless they are with a parent.  The machine must be sanitized after each use.  Students should not be playing or touching with the machine unless purchasing an item.  

Shoes and any extra clothing should be in the sack or backpack throughout the class.  Please label all personal belonging.  We can not maintain a lost and found under the current phase, and any items left at the gym will be thrown away.

Mask Policy

All who enter the facility must be wearing a mask upon entering the gymnastics academy regardless of vaccination status.

If you forgot your mask and wish to use one, we have them available for $1.00.  

Anyone 4 and under does not have to wear a mask. 

Entering the Gym for Class

We have rescheduled all classes to provide extra time for all to enter and exit and maintain social distance.  When students enter the class, parents must take personal items or be in their backpack or cinch sack or a plastic bag. 

Students must wait to enter class along the wall on the marked spots to maintain social distancing.  Coaches will lead the class out to the floor using a bright green rope marked with knots every 6 ft.  The gym is marked to help students maintain a 6-foot distance. Coaches will help students learn and maintain social distance during class

Exiting the Gym after Class

Please exit the gym as soon as the class is over.  During this time, we must limit the number of people who are in the gym.  Socializing after class should not be done in the gym.  Students over the age of 4 must wear a mask while exiting the gym.

Gym Set-up

The gym has been marked with lines and “X” marks to make it easier for students and coaches to know where 6 ft or 2 m are to maintain social distance.  Ropes with knots every 6 ft were made for younger classes to maintain social distance while rotating during class.  There are ten hand sanitation stations around the gym so that students clean their hands before touching equipment.  Before using bars, students apply liquid chalk to sanitize hands and keep the bars sanitized.

All mats, surfaces, and tools used during class are cleaned in between rotations and classes.  The bars are cleaned with liquid chalk (Liquid chalk is made with rubbing alcohol and sanitizes). Beam surfaces are cleaned each evening with Truce, and it also has rubbing alcohol as an ingredient. The garage doors are opened for additional ventilation unless we need to maintain the temperature in the gym. 


Currently, during this phase, the gym is open, and we operate below 50% occupancy and limit the number of classes per hour and class size to maintain social distance.

Make-up Classes

We have changed our make-up policy during this time so that you may schedule as many make-ups as needed during the month.  You must be currently enrolled in a class to schedule make-up classes. These must be prescheduled with the front desk or via email with a confirmation to maintain class size.

We hope that this information is helpful and informs you that all students, parents, and staff’s safety are essential at Alpha Gymnastics.

Alpha Gymnastics

Alpha Gymnastics COVID Policy

If you or anyone in your household has symptoms or has been exposed to COVID do not come to the gym.

PLEASE get tested before returning to gym. You should be tested 5 or more days after your last exposure to COVID or if you experience symptoms.

You may return to the gym if:

  • It has been two weeks from the first symptoms or 72 hours after the last symptoms whichever is greater. This includes symptoms for the child or anyone in the household. We highly recommend testing you and/or your child before returning to the gym.
  • A negative COVID test for the child 5 days or more after their last exposure to COVID.
  • A negative COVID test for the child after they have been diagnosed with COVID.
  • A note from the child's doctor clearing them to return to regular activities after COVID or a COVID exposure.

We do not refund tuition if you must miss gym due to illness, we can however schedule you for make-up classes. Our policy is one make-up class per session, however, if you are dealing with a serious illness such as COVID please let us know and we will work with you.