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COVID-19 Response

Alpha Gymnastics COVID 19 Response

Alpha Gymnastics has always taken great pride in the cleanliness of the  gym. Procedures and a cleaning schedule for each part of the gym had already been  established and practiced before COVID 19. We have added additional methods to  mitigate infection and increase our facility’s sterilization to keep students, parents, and  staff as safe as possible. 

Office, cubbies, transit areas 

Our facility’s forward area, including the office, bathroom, and mezzanine (viewing  area), is maintained, cleaned, and sanitized throughout the day. We mop all the floors,  wipe down the walls, sanitize the railings, and disinfect surfaces. 

The cubbies and lockers are open and the area gets regularly sanitized. During  regular operations, we also sanitize drinking fountains several times a day. 

We sanitize the bathrooms, including the walls, floors, toilets, sinks, and mirrors. The  receptacles are wiped down and cleaned, then sprayed with disinfectant. Each  bathroom has hands free devices for soap and paper towel dispensers. We sanitize the  diaper changing table. Disposable liners are available, and we recommended them when using the  changing table for your little ones. 


The restrooms and changing areas are open and sanitized several times a day. 

We still recommend to avoid congregating in the bathrooms and confined spaces when multiple people are there. 

Mezzanine and Viewing Areas 

We have marked the viewing area, and only 26 will be allowed to sit in the viewing area at one time. Please only sit in the chairs and tables that are available. All tables and chairs are cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected each day, and we vacuum the carpet daily. 

Half-Wall Area 

The half wall is very close to the balance beam area. People and noises near the half wall are a distraction to gymnasts on the beam and may cause dangerous situations. Parents should not stand to talk and visit in this area. Keeping this area  clear is essential for the safety of students on the beams, and also for the passage of coaches and athletes getting ready to start classes. We ask that parents use the seating area upstairs to talk and wait, and leave the half wall and entryway area open for coaches and athletes entering or exiting the gymnastics floor. 

In the office, we have installed sneeze shields to protect those who work at the desk. We request that everyone who enters the gym use hand sanitizer as needed. There are four hand sanitizer stations with directions. Additionally, an air scrubber was added to the office to help maintain clean air. It is located to the left of the black table as you enter. 

There are signs when entering the facility and posted on the wall for general information about COVID 19, the symptoms of COVID, and directions for handwashing and the use of sanitizer. Signs are printed in both English and Russian. If you are ill or have been exposed to anyone with symptoms, please do not come to the gym. 


Each person who enters the facility must have their temperature taken and be cleared to enter. We will ask anyone with a temperature of 100° F or 37.2 C to go home. 


The cubbies are open at this time. Shoes and personal items should be kept in the  cubbies during class. 

What to bring? 

• Backpack or cinch sack for all personal items. Please do not leave shoes by the  half wall; they should be in the cubbies or in the student's bag. All personal items must be stored and taken with participants or left with parents. 

• Water bottle filled and labeled with a name and must be kept in a backpack or cinch sack. If you forget, water bottles are available for purchase at the front desk or in the vending machine. Eight-ounce bottles may be purchased for 20 cents. • Items may not be shared between students

• Personal wipes and hand sanitizer 

• If needed, the vending machine is available. The vending machines are sanitized multiple times as needed. Students should not be playing with or touching the machine unless purchasing an item. 

Shoes and any extra clothing should be in the sack or backpack throughout the  class. Please label all personal belonging. We maintain a lost and found bucket near the vending machines. Please understand that items will be kept for some time, and then thrown away if not claimed. 


Entering the Gym for Class 

When students enter the class, items should be placed in the cubbies on in their personal backpacks. 

Students must wait to enter class outside the half wall area. Coaches will lead the class out to the floor when it is time to begin. We ask that the parents do not congregate by the half wall when children wait for the coach, as this creates a hazardous situation to gymnasts on the balance beams.  

Exiting the Gym after Class 

Please exit the gym as soon as the class is over. Please do not congregate by the half wall, as this creates a hazardous situation to gymnasts on the balance beams. 


Gym Set-up 

There are ten hand sanitation stations around the gym so that students and coaches can clean hands as needed. 

All mats, surfaces, and tools used during class are cleaned in between rotations and classes. The garage doors are opened for additional ventilation. 

We hope that this information is helpful and informs you that all students, parents, and staff safety are essential at Alpha Gymnastics. 


Alpha Gymnastics

Alpha Gymnastics COVID Policy

If you or anyone in your household has symptoms or has been exposed to COVID do not come to the gym.

PLEASE get tested before returning to gym. You should be tested 5 or more days after your last exposure to COVID or if you experience symptoms.

You may return to the gym if:

  • It has been five days from exposure or 72 hours after the last symptoms whichever is greater. This includes symptoms for the child or anyone in the household. We highly recommend testing you and/or your child before returning to the gym.
  • A negative COVID test for the child 5 days or more after their last exposure to COVID.
  • A negative COVID test for the child after they have been diagnosed with COVID.
  • A note from the child's doctor clearing them to return to regular activities after COVID or a COVID exposure.

We do not refund tuition if you must miss gym due to illness, we can however schedule you for make-up classes. Our policy is one make-up class per session, however, if you are dealing with a serious illness such as COVID please let us know and we will work with you.