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Alex J. Knafla

Experience: I began gymnastics at the age of 9, doing trampoline and tumbling at Eastside gymnastics (Now known as Alpha). I had moved on from the sport when I was 11 years old, but three years later I picked it back up.  I trained trampoline and tumbling for 2 years before I began coaching. I decided I wanted others to learn a fun sport as I did, so I joined coaching. I love to see them progress and continuously get better and happier with their new talents. 

My favorite activities: skateboarding, mechanics and flips. 

Tumbling is by far my favorite event. There’s nothing better to do or to witness than flips on the floor. The feeling is almost unbeatable. Seeing what people can do on just a flat surface really impresses me.

My favorite food is ice cream, preferably moose tracks.

Advice for students. Push your self to a comfortable limit, reach out as far as you can. It will help you succeed and feel great about what you are doing and make you want to do it more and more.